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Rules for King Soopers Neighborhood Rewards Program Fundraiser

Hello Coronado Orchestra Parents,

King Soopers offers an easy fundraising opportunity that is tied to your King Soopers Loyalty Cards, or the card you use when you purchase things at King Soopers. (I sometimes enter my phone number because I didn't bring my card with me.)  

Here’s how to get connected so that you can use a portion of your King Soopers purchases to go into your individual orchestra accounts. Basically, once you enroll and choose "Coronado High School Orchestra" as your organization, each quarter you will need to go online and download your statement showing how much profit you made.  Then you just email me a copy of that statement and I'll credit your individual orchestra fundraising account.  Then King Soopers will send a check to me and I will credit you the profit you made.  But, I won't know how much that is unless you send me a copy of your quarterly King Soopers Neighborhoods Rewards Program statement.

When you enroll you will be asked for our Organization Number.  The Coronado High School Orchestra Organization Number is GL180.  

Thank you.

Paul A. Jacobson

Music Director, Coronado High School



P.S.  Here’s the verbage from King Sooper’s communication to me:


To Use the King Soopers or City Market Community Rewards Program: Simply encourage your participants to visit the appropriate link below.




Once logged into their King Soopers or City Market account they can search for CORONADO%20HIGH%20SCHOOL%20ORCHESTRA either by name or GL180 and then click Enroll. New users will need to create an account, which requires some basic information; a valid email address and a loyalty card.


*Customers must have a registered King Soopers or City Market loyalty card account to link to your organization. *If a member does not yet have a King Soopers or City Market loyalty card, please let them know they are available at the customer service desk at any King Soopers or City Market


REMEMBER, purchases will not count for your organization until after your participants register their loyalty card. Participants must swipe their registered King Soopers or City Market loyalty card or use the phone number that is related to their registered King Soopers or City Market loyalty card when shopping for each purchase to count.


Thank you! King Soopers or City Market Community Rewards Department